Frequently Asked Questions

Q - I have an Android phone and the shutter button does not take pictures?

A - It is a know issue with some Android models. Being an open source operating system, manufacturers re-assign camera app settings to suit their device, when they flash the Android version.

Please try the following

Open up the camera application, tap on the gear/settings icon and look through the settings menu for anything that references a trigger or volume key. If your Android phone has the setting in question it should be found under setting like “Volume Key – Take Pictures” or “Volume Keys” where you can tap and select an option (such as trigger, zoom, or flash).

Another alternate would be to download a third party camera app from the Play Store. Most popular third party camera apps have the volume key properly configured.


Q - How do I pair the ZIX-2015B Bluetooth with my phone?

A -  On the ZIX-2015B press and hold the power button (top one) and the light will start blinking Blue. Then go to your phone and follow the following instructions


Find "Bluetooth"

  • Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your mobile phone.
  • Tap the settings icon.
  • Tap Bluetooth.

Turn on Bluetooth

  • Tap the indicator next to "Bluetooth"until the function is turned on.

Pair a Bluetooth device with your mobile phone

  • Your mobile phone now searches for devices and after a moment, a list of Bluetooth devices within range is displayed.
  • Tap the required Bluetooth device. It should say SJ01
  • Follow the instructions on the display to pair the Bluetooth device with your mobile phone.
  • The new device is displayed on the list of paired devices.

Return to the home screen

  • Tap the Home keyto return to the home screen.


  • Go to Settings (The Gear Icon)
  • Tap the Bluetooth option. Make sure it is turned on.
  • The iPhone will start to discover other Bluetooth devices in proximity
  • Tap the Bluetooth device saying SJ01
  • The ZIX-2015B will now be paired
  • The new device is displayed on the list of paired devices.



Model ZIX-2015C - Cable Version

Model ZIX-2015B - Bluetooth Version